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After input by clients, we have decided to become the best green deconstruction service in Dublin, by helping to look after our environment. We have become mindful of the materials that reach and occupy skips, to minimize any effects on the environment. Clients are presented with the opportunity to protect the environment, by recycling as many materials as possible, or for reuse in other projects.


What exactly do we mean by deconstruction?

  • The careful and environment-friendly dissembling of a structure, to collect reusable and recyclable materials, which can be them reused, thus maximising it’s recycling abilities and reducing the overall amount of construction waste.

Who might be interested in participating in deconstruction?

  • Those who seek to support ‘green demolition’, by reducing their CO2 emissions and carbon footprints, preventing the corruption of groundwater by existing toxic chemicals, saving landfill space, reducing construction waste overall and saving embodied energy.
  • Homeowners who are seeking to expand their current residence, through renovation, or by completely demolishing the building to replace it with something new.

What are the benefits of deconstruction?

  • Helps to reduce construction waste and greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Factors largely in saving natural resources and embodied energy.
  • Considered a green demolition method due to its environmentally friendly notions.
  • It’s cost-competitive with the standard methods of demolition.

Here is a list of Materials that can be recycled from these demolition sites:

Masonry- Paving stones, old bricks, granite pieces, decorative and non-decorative concrete blocks.

Timber- Floor boards, Specially engineered timber panels, Untreated timber panels, Joists.

Here is a list of Materials that can be reused from these demolition sites:

Electrical Fittings- Switches and other light fittings.

Timber- Stairs, Timer panelling, Treated or Untreated framing, Joists, Hardwood flooring.

Clay pieces and concrete roof tiles.

Linings and Finishing- Skirting boards, wood panelling, Joinery, Architraves, Joineries.

Raise a green flag to a greener environment, by opting to use our green deconstruction services!!

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